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Periocampus International Program - Comprehensive Periodontal Review


A full-immersion 3 Days course in periodontology dedicated to dentists and dental hygienists with a desire to enrich their practical knowledge in clinical periodontology

Periocampus is not solely a course; it’s a full immersion campus during which all the participants expand their theoretical knowledge, develop practical skills, and develop clinical expertise in an inspirational and passionate environment.

Outline :
- Etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases
- Screening, Clinical Charting, and diagnosis of periodontal diseases and conditions
- Clinical assessment and periodontal classification
- Treatment planning and explanation of non-surgical & surgical treatment guidelines.
- Periodontal instrumentation
- Indication and rational of periodontal surgical treatment.
- Improve manual skills through an innovative hands-on practical training and in-vivo practices.

Outcome : A professional life changing course, supporting the clinician in
understanding periodontal cases autonomously and develop practical skills in Periodontology that can be applied in their dental practices daily

Goals and Objectives:
- Apply the current knowledge to diagnose periodontal clinical cases and formulate a proper treatment plan.
- Set and conduct autonomously the correct non-surgical& surgical treatment following the current guidelines.
- Implement and apply manual clinical skills to treat the periodontal diseases and conditions
- Recognize the rational of various surgical treatment protocols
- Identify the indication and contraindication of periodontal surgical intervention


40 Person.

CME Hours

20 Hours.

Target Group

Periodontist, Dentist, and dental hygienist Person.

Date & Time

21 Nov, 2024 - 08:30 AM


to be announced

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